Generic Liquid Production Line

Generic liquid production line:

Pharmaceutical liquids need special handling in the preparation stage and packaging. AFAQ has a pioneer experience in preparation lines and packaging lines reachs advanced and reliable machines and equipment to be on the hand of their customers.

Preparation Lines for both simple and suspended syrups are provided with a high tech control system and reliable instrumentations from international leader suppliers, all guarantee stable repeatability and performance for the final product.

 Liquid dosage in a variety of sizes is filled reliably and efficiently by using AFAQ peristaltic pump head " AccuFill " to ensure Accurate filling without cross-contamination and without the need for any CIP. 

Our lines are equipped with different capping systems according to the caps types. 

Key Features:

  • Very precise dosage filling volumes with
  • accuracy as fine as ±0.5 %
  • Effective Cleaning through microbial filtered air and vacuum
  • Filling of liquids of a broad viscosity range
  • High-quality capping head

The line consists of:

  • Rotary entry table
  • Cleaning machine
  • Filling and closing machine
  • Visual Inspection machine
  • labelling machine
  • Rotary exit table