Intervenouns bag Production line

Intravenous bag Production line:

Pharmaceutical sterile sector is one of the most demanding sectors in the industry.

complete sterilization with strict segregation is the acceptance keys of the preparation line. AFAQ   supplies integrated preparation systems for the production of sterile liquid dosage, (such as Eyes Drops, Vials, Ampul, Serums, Pre-filled syringe…) which needs specific purity requirements that can only be achieved with great technical skills and experience. All surfaces of our preparation vessels are grinded and polished professionally, furthermore, all welds are smoothed in accordance with cGMP rules and exclude even the smallest cleaning dead spaces.                   

Key Features:

  • Optimum segregation
  • Very effective SIP System
  • SCADA System with 12” resistive touch screen
  • in compliant with the FDA, CFR21 part11.

The line consists of:

  • Preparation mixer
  • Storage mixer
  • Piping and instrumentations