Ophthalmic drop Production Line

Ophthalmic drop Production Line:

The filling machine is equipped with AFAQ peristaltic pump head "AccuFill" or the stand-alone pump filling machine "A2F11" which ensure Accurate filling (Up to ±0.5%) without dropping and without the need of CIP of SIP.

The segregation concept is guaranteed by using LAF or RAB systems.

Key Features:

  • High accurate filling volume (up to ±0.5%)
  • Adjust and control of capping tighten torque
  • Isolated Filling area by LAF or RAB.
  • No SIP/CIP is needed
  • faulty bottles rejection
  • Extra-compac "DropFill-SC” machine which
  • reducing footprint.        
  • Easy and Flexible HMI with 7" touch screen

The line consists of:

  • Stoppers and caps feeder
  • Drop filling Machine
  • Labeling Machine